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Teaching English, handcrafts, math, and reading support. I would recommend Open Windows Foundation to other volunteers. Furthermore it is an awesome experience to work with children. Also, it was nice to see that they really want to learn. Barbara H.

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House Construction

Began with the assistance of Developing World Connections, a group of Canadian volunteers, who wanted to contribute to the Learning Center through construction projects.

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Computer Lab

Computer skills are one of the best ways to provide young people with good job opportunities. Open Windows currently provides instructions on the basics, but we have a real need for replacements for our 15 year-old computers and for more up-to-date programs. You can help either with donations or with volunteering to spend some time teaching here.

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Scholarship Program

Thanks to Tom Sullivan, a scholarship program was set up in 2003 to enable motivated students from low-income families to go to high school.

Please, make a donation, and change the life of a Guatemalan child today.

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Imagine searching for wood for hours, knowing that how much you find dictates how much time you have to prepare food for your family. Less wood can mean less to eat.

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