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Because the school day is only four hours long in Guatemala, children come to Open Windows in the afternoons to get help with homework, improve their reading and math skills and learn how to use the computer. Teachers and volunteers are devoted to instilling a love of learning and to getting the children ready for high school and beyond.

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House Construction

Open Windows’ work in building houses began with the assistance of Developing World Connections, a group of Canadian volunteers, who wanted to contribute to the Learning Center through construction projects. They also deliver eco-stoves to allow families to cook more cheaply and safely.

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Computer Lab

Computer skills are one of the best ways to provide young people with good job opportunities. Open Windows currently provides instruction at three levels, giving the children increasing familiarity with the computers and skills that can be translated jobs outside the coffee plantations and flower greenhouses.

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Scholarship Program

More than 170 children have received these scholarships, allowing them to attend high school in a country where the average educational level is four and a half years.

Please, make a donation and change the life of a Guatemalan child today.

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Imagine searching for wood for hours, knowing that how much you find dictates how much time you have to prepare food for your family. Less wood can mean less to eat.

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