Workshop with 140 young people

 On July 21, a workshop was held with 140 young people from the basic education institutes of the municipality and scholarship holders who have the learning center, where people from the Asociación Gente que Avanza de Uruguay shared with them the themes of Self Esteem and Life Project.


Within the central message given to young people is to value themselves, to love oneself and to respect oneself, to be able to give their best, to dream and work to reach their dreams and their goals, from now on to set a goal and see what they need to reach it, So that they are not seduced by what the present age offers: vices, easy money, early responsibilities, but that they strive to be trained to become successful professionals.

With this activity we want to encourage in young people the desire to excel and not to abandon their studies. Our desire is to have more workshops that continue, but it is necessary to have funds to cover the expenses that these activities entail.