July 24, 2017

About Us

Open Windows Learning Center is a Dynamic Education and Community Development Project

In the town of San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala. Open Windows currently provides 1,000 children in the community with important learning services and programs to help improve their life options, while promoting self-sufficiency.

San Miguel Dueñas is an agricultural town of 12,000 people. For most families, sending their children to school presents significant financial difficulties. Although San Miguel Dueñas is a mere twenty minute drive from the prosperous tourist center of La Antigua, very few residents of the town benefit from its proximity. The town has a substantially lower standard of living, with most members of the community working in the local coffee plantations and flower nurseries. The average monthly income is less than $200 per month and many homes do not have electricity.

The level of education is very low, making the need to improve it a vital priority. In Guatemala, the literacy level is only 71%, with the average child completing only four and a half years of school.

The educational programs provided by Open Windows include, helping children with homework, reinforcing reading, writing, math skills and teaching computer skills. The afternoon activities are aligned with the 4th grade curriculum of the public schools. Additionally, a scholarship program enables young people to complete a high school education.

Because many families are unable to provide their children with a balanced diet, Open Windows gives a nutritional snack to each child every afternoon.
While education is the main focus, Open Windows does a great deal of work in community development to improve local living conditions. This includes the building of houses and the installation of eco-stoves. In order to learn more about our role in the community please click on our Community Development page.

Open Windows Learning Center continues to foster self-sufficiency in San Miguel Dueñas by supporting education and improving the living conditions of children and families who face considerable economic challenges daily
Over the years, Open Windows Learning Center has become and will continue to be a vital part of the community with its educational and community development.

The United States Board, Open Windows Foundation, is a NGO 501(c)(3) a non-profit that works year-round to raise substantial amount of money for the foundation, in San Miguel Dueñas. Guatemala. They raise funds by selling jewelry made by Guatemalan artisans at special events in USA.  Another board member raises funds with www.CharityPainting.com He works as a house painter and the proceeds are donated to the Open Windows Foundation.

The Foundation also receives donations from organizations and individuals. The donations keep the programs of Open Windows Foundation growing and sustaining the enormous challenges we face daily while chainging the lives of the children in San Miguel Dueñas. All donations are tax deductible.

The Guatemalan Board with a large number of expats and Guatemalan friends in the community also work together year-round with activities to benefit the Open Windows Learning Center. Over the years we have had New Year’s celebration parties with silent auctions.

In addition, individual donations, monthly business grants, birthday parties with prizes, selling coffee, garage sales and Bingo games that all benefit the Open Windows Learning Center and the people of San Miguel Dueñas.