July 24, 2017

Computer Lab

Ten computers were generously donated to the library by Rotary International, Woodside Portola Valley and the Rotary Club of Antigua in 2003. The new computer lab was completed and opened in 2007. It has an additional 10 computers and serves twice as many students as it did originally. Children enroll for highly-popular, free two-hour weekly classes, and successful students are awarded a certificate. This provides local free access to learn computer skills. More than 300 students are currently enrolled. Graduating students may enroll in a more advanced course.


There are three levels: basic computer skills; a mid-level course on how to use Microsoft Word and an advanced level course covering the Excel and Microsoft Publisher program. Seventeen computers are connected to the internet. This opens up a new world of ideas and experiences for the students of San Miguel Dueñas.

Open Windows offers a vitally important educational resource to the children of the community. We teach them the tools that allow them substantially to change their lives. Literacy and computer skills help students to find jobs in the highly competitive employment market in Guatemala, in particular in the nearby town of Antigua, which is the center of the country’s booming tourist industry.

Computer Education Diplomas