July 24, 2017

Eco Stoves

Imagine trying to cook on a stove made of cement blocks. Imagine searching for wood for hours, knowing that how much you find dictates how much time you have to prepare food for your family. Less wood can mean less to eat.

Imagine noxious fumes from your stove filling all of your living space, affecting the health of your whole family, and causing breathing difficulties for your children?

Families in San Miguel Dueñas typically cook on open wood fires in their kitchens. Because the kitchen is the home’s gathering place, the family is exposed to harmful smoke. With the new Eco-Stoves, they use less firewood resulting in significant household savings.

The smoke and noxious fumes now exit the house through the stove’s flue, thereby eliminating their environmental damage. Open Windows promotes these concrete stoves that are built with pumice sand and artisanal bricks.

New Eco Stoves will impact multiple generations

When an Eco Stove is donated, it brings more than one benefit. Not only can mothers cook more efficiently, but the health and well-being of their whole family is improved. You can help an Open Windows family no matter where you are in the world. Email our Co-Founder Teresa Quinonez at openwindowsteresa@gmail.com to donate an Eco Stove today.