July 24, 2017

Health Clinics

Health Clinics at Open Windows Learning Center in San Miguel Dueñas, Guatemala


Cecia, from the San Carlos University, comes to Open windows Learning Center daily to observe the children’s behavior and talks with the teachers and parents. She is working with groups at the Learning Center and also works with children individually.



Diabetic Weekly Clinic

Nurse Elizabeth, our volunteer nurse and Board Member monitors blood-glucose levels, blood pressure and the weight of patients at the center. She also supplies medicines prescribed by one of our volunteer doctors. The nurse gives health and nutritional advice.

Doctor Don

Dr. Don comes to Guatemala twice a year and provides a child clinic to measure the height and weight of the children and refers them to other health facilities if needed. He can also be consulted via email in cases where lab tests are needed, or to give other advice we may need.

Dr. Odette and two other dentists from Guatemala City provide Open Windows dental clinics to provide extractions, small fillings on permanent molars and other dental care. Additionally fluoride treatments for children and adults in San Miguel Dueñas are part of our community outreach program.

Health Clinic Testimony

My name is Jose Lopez.

At only 47 years old, my health faltered and I became diabetic. My weight fell to 60 pounds, despite being 5’5”. My diabetes had gotten so out of control that he became bound to a wheelchair and his vision was impaired. Since I had become so ill and lost my job. Of course, this made it near impossible for me to afford medicine.  All of my siblings were diabetic, but I wanted a change. I  wanted to be healthy again.

Then I heard my Aunt talk about a diabetic clinic that Ventanas Abiertas (Open Windows) hosts every Monday morning. I made the decision to get his diabetes in check. I went to the clinic at Open Windows Learning Center every Monday for 14 months. In addition to the clinic, I visited a doctor monthly. Open Windows helped me on my journey to improve my health so that I could safely have eye surgery.

Now, I weigh in at 137 pounds and continues to improve. I can walk, I can see, and my body no longer aches. I am so grateful for Open Windows Foundation and Learning Center I encourage anybody I meet with diabetes to go there.