July 24, 2017

Reading Room

The reading room has over 10,000 books, including picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and reference works such as encyclopedias and school textbooks that support the local school curriculum. Books are extremely expensive for the average Guatemalan. At the Learning Center, children are taught how to use the library and to respect books and reference materials.

Many of the 1000 children currently enrolled at Open Windows Learning Center are first generation readers. However, the reading and writing educational support we provide enables them to aspire to higher levels of education.

We have added an emphasis on homework the children, with the aim of improving their performance and learning, now we have more emphasis on the homework. The children are in three groups attended by one teacher each. The groups are:  preparatory, 1st and 2nd primary, 3rd and 4th primary and 5th and 6th.

The library has reading activities and in the computer lab the children are organized by grade and according to the level of computer knowledge, at different schedules.

From one o’clock in the afternoon the children begin to arrive with their tasks and are placed according to the degree and task that they have.

When children do not bring homework, they are given an activity sheet, math, or communication and language to review school topics.

At the end of the assignment, teachers conduct interactive games with children and free games.