Testimonials from Volunteers

Teaching English, handcrafts, math, and reading support.
I would recommend Open Windows Foundation to other volunteers. Furthermore it is an awesome experience to work with children. Also, it was nice to see that they really want to learn.
Barbara H.  

Teaching English. math, arts, reading and playing with the children.
Advice to the new volunteers: Don’t be shy, the children are all very nice and are eager to learn or at least play and read
I would recommend OW because I think that working with children with a different cultural background is an interesting and enjoyable experience.
Lisa J.
Reading, teaching Geographies, English, Experiments and helping doing homework.  The smile of the kid's face. It's good to see when children get the chance to improve their skills. Yes, Definitely I recommend OW.  It's possible to use you own skills to show children different methods.
Lena K.

Teaching English and Math. I enjoy that everybody integrate me into the community and that I was welcome. If I come back one day I'll volunteer again here. It's nice to get in touch with locals and get to know their culture. Thank you! Nina

Teaching dance classes, reading with the children, teaching English. Learning from the students and staff about the culture and the language, working with the students to help them to develop their reading and literacy skills. I would like to come back to deliver a dance program with other professionals dances from the UK.
Lauren T.

Testimonials from Students

12 year old sixth grader - Children Computer Class for the Afternoon
I like to come to the Library to receive computer classes because when I finish a program, they give me a diploma.  I now have three diplomas and I want to continue coming to the Library to learn many more things.
Nelson Alexander Medio Xulú

12 year old sixth grader - Children Computer Class in the Afternoon
I come to the Library because I like to receive computer classes to learn the new programs.  Thanks to the Library and its teachers, I have learned much about the computers.  I do not have a computer at home to be able to learn there.
Beatriz Adriana Isabel Godínez Larios

9 year old in fourth grade - Children Computer Class in the afternoon
I like to come to learn more about the computer and because here at the Library they help me do my school homes work.  I very much like to work with the program of Microsoft Word.
Jairo Fernando Hernandez Pelén

10 year old third grader - Children Computer Class in the Afternoon
I like to study computer because I learn about the programs used on the computer.  I like to come to the Library because I learn to play, to add, and to subtract with the computer games.
Dulce Diana Ordonez Cachupe




Dr. Odette, with a group of students, two friends and colleagues from Guatemala City, came to Open Windows to work with children and adults in the community, to do  extractions, fillings on small permanent molars, cleaning and fluoride treatment.

Here is her comments on the experience of her group. As for the students' experiences, I managed to gather some:
"This experience strengthened my desire to help people in need."
"This experience made me realize that for many, the reality is that it is very difficult to get dental care, and I realized that this is because of many factors (geography and economic factors, especially). I also noticed that a community can not have access to dental care but remains culturally and spiritually robust. ""It gave me great personal satisfaction to help children, as this is where you can have a greater impact by helping them have a better oral health. If you have good oral health can eat and speak well, and no pain. That will It helps to have a better quality of life."  Odette

This organization is incredible.
I worked as a volunteer at Open Windows in May and September of 2016.I got to witness the commitment and patience of each of the teachers towards the children. I got to organize my own classes,watch and help teachers lead activities, and do one-on-one tutoring with reading and math. The children all come to this library because they want to be there, they come walking and biking, and when they are there they really enjoy themselves. They love to learn.
If you are fluent in Spanish this is a wonderful place to lead activities and help out however you can. If you are learning Spanish, working with children is a great way to continue learning. You can listen to children read out loud. This is a great opportunity for the child to have someone listening to them read.
By: Anna Brown
Nationality: USA
Age: 21