July 24, 2017

Volunteer Information

At Open Windows Foundation we have a variety of volunteer opportunities. A basic level of Spanish is required and we may design volunteer activities based on your interests. For example, you can help listen to children reading out loud, assist in common areas of difficulty like math homework, or coordinate and run creative educational workshops. Perhaps you are an artist, scientist or dancer and would like to create your own workshop with the children.

We can arrange for short or long-term volunteers. Many visitors to Guatemala are taking Spanish classes in nearby Antigua and are looking for afternoon volunteer work. Open Windows is an ideal place for Spanish students to practice their Spanish and learn more about Guatemalan culture and daily life in a typical Guatemalan town.

Norman is a volunteer for 3 weeks, it is the second time he visits us and he likes to read with the children and help them in their tasks and he donated games and puzzles for them to draw and build. Thanks,  Norman for your help and dedication.

Ana volunteering at the Open Windows Learning Center in San Miguel Dueñas

Experiences as a Volunteer with Open Windows
“This has been an amazing experience, and I recommend it to anyone considering gap months or a gap year. I have learned much more than many of my friends who are currently taking their intro classes as freshmen in college, and I certainly feel like I have made more of a difference than I did when working for Congress. I have until the end of May and I am only afraid it will go by too fast.”  — Eduardo

”After ten months working at Open Windows, I may have left the community with a few new English words, perhaps some of the love that I have for music, and certainly a few cardboard squares or other materials I prepared for daily craft projects.  But I do not see how those little things could compare to the confidence, hope and inspiration I came away.  I could never have asked to work at a better run program, or more supportive staff, or more inspiring students who taught me more than I taught them.  I will never forget that experience.” — Andrew

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